From the recording Remember Their Lives


All the laughter
All the sorrows
All the yesterdays
That turned into tomorrows
All the dreams that
You've long forgotten
Do you remember?

All the treasures
That you've collected
Are in the hearts and minds
Of those that you've affected
Their lives are better now
For having known you
Do you remember?
Remember Their Lives
It counted for something
Reflect on all the things that you've done
The victories and the battles you've won...Remember...
Remember Their Lives
It mattered to someone
Somewhere you've touched a heart and a soul
Remember that the journeys the goal
All the wisdom
Your heart is showing
By the sparkle in their eyes
Still brightly glowing
They speak in silence now
They're saying thank you
Will you remember?

And now so quiet
Their years behind you
Nothing left but only
Memories to find you
If love and wisdom
You've left behind you
They'll be remembered

(copyright 2007 - R. Kramer - Published by Robert Kramer Music Publishing Co. ASCAP - all rights reserved)