(CHICAGO - 2024) In a range of musical madness and combined musical talent, musician/composer Robert Kramer & multi-talented entertainer John Guerrini  take the dueling piano world by storm with a radical new approach they call "Double Treble". 

Mixing lowbrow humor with high brow performances, Kramer & Guerrini deliver a musical one-two punch of classic songs, irreverant humor, audience challenges "Stump The Audience" (instead of the band) with outlandish requests, and momentary "audience victims" to karaoke the vocals along with the duo as their backup band. 

Combine that with a combination of costume changes including weird hats, glasses, wigs and who-knows what else, you're in for a night of music, song and laughter. 

As Double Treble continues to impress & entertain audiences wherever they play, their followers have become to be known as "TREBLE-MAKERS". 

See their touring schedule & come out to a a TREBLEMAKER!