From the recording Remember Their Lives


"Let's Go To The Waddle"
(Music by Robert Kramer)
(Lyrics by Dona Kare-Kowalski)

Once in a while or so,
Me and my humans we go,
On a great adventure,
We're all goin' to the waddle.

The people all gather around,
Just to hear that Basset sound
On a great adventure
We're all goin' to the waddle.

There's a king and queen,
With crowns and everything,
Riding on their royal Basset thrones Ahroorooo
People come together
And give your love to help the hounds
And help the homeless Bassets
Find their forever happy homes
We're all gonna walk for miles,
Cuz we bring all the humans smiles,
So please bring pets and treats,
We're all going to the waddle.

Both puppies and grandpa hounds
Will be roaming all over the town,
And it's just for the Bassets
Let's go to the waddle

(copyright 2007 - Robert J Kowalski - ASCAP - All rights reserved -Administered by RKMPC Music Publishing Co.)