1. Clairvoyance

From the recording Shadow Logic

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Robert Kramer - bass, keyboards, vocals
Gregory Hyde - rhythm guitar & drums

Recorded @ Harbor Lights Recording
Aurora, Illinois
Remix @ Skyblynde Studios, St Charles, Il.
Engineered by Gregory Hyde



I don't wanna be another heartache
I don't wanna be the one that hurts you
I don't want you to be one more target
Truth & honesty are not my virtues
Everybody else I know would tell you
I would never be the salve for your heart
What you're hearing now you'd better listen
Cos' I'm leaving you the clues
For your navigational chart

I am the bane of your existance
I am the battles never fought
I'm everything you never conquered
In your soul
I'm what your teachers never taught

Well, my soul is talkin' tryin' to tell you
I will get you to believe what I say
There will never be a future for us
Only suffering & pain comes your way
There's a lot of what I am inside you
And I'll leave it up to you to find it now
Cos your ignorance could lead to wisdom
If you'd only learn to get behind it now

I am the needle in your compass
To lead you far away from me
Just remember there are none so blind
As those who just refuse to see

Clairvoyance! Clairvoyance!

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