“Another New Years Eve”

Another year, has come and gone,
How does the time go by so fast?
Another year, and another song?
How come those songs dont ever last?

How many hearts, have we touched along the way?
How many hopes & dreams have we lead someone to?
So raise your glass, lets make a toast,
Here’s another New Years Eve to You!

Let’s stop and look, around the room
And now we raise our glass to thee
So here we are, we’ve made thru
Made it thru, another new years eve

Let’s just forget about the sadness and the pain
There’ll be time enough for that when we are thru
So raise your glass, lets make a toast
Here’s another New Years Eve to you.

We’re here tonight to party, we’re here to celebrate
Lets forget about tomorrow, for tonight
Dont wanna hear no sadness, no cryin or complaints
I only wanna hear you say, “alright!” (ALRIGHT!!)

Dont tell me bout your troubles, got troubles of my own
I could tell you stuff you wont believe
So please dont bring me down with all your troubles for tonight
Just help me celebrate this new years eve!!!

We made it thru another new years eve
Lets start it out the right way, doing things they wont believe
And if you need forgivin’, well, I’ll give you your reprieve
Just help me celebrate this new years eve!
Cause Jesus is my quarterback, and He’s elected to receive
Oh, Lord he got us thru another New Years Eve!

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