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Just the Way It is

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Recorded live at Fitzgeralds 2005
Robert Kramer - vocals
Greg Baroni - bass guitar
Peter Saxe - keyboards
Rick Vitek - drums
John Lewis - guitar
Val Leventhal - bgrd vocals
Becca Kaufman - announcer & bgrd voc.
Nanette Frank - bgrd voc.


"The Way It Is"
I cant believe all the pain in my life
I cant believe all the trials & tribulations
I guess that train that was supposed to come in, never left the station
ive had love & Ive been alone in my life
Im to the point I dont want neither
If youd ask me to explain Id say
I guess I'd prefer either

If you need some explanation
For this little mystery
Dont expect no revelation
the answers easy to see
If you want to check the I Ching
Or read my Tarot, or even astrology
The reply that you'll get
Is as plain as can be
Thats Just The Way It Is

I cant believe what a damn fool ive been
I cant believe in my religion
I guess my life has kind of reached the point, of total indecision
Now Ive had advice from
The wisest of men
But all my wisdom came from women
Its kind of kind dressin in a rented tuxedo
Just to go swimmin'

If you need to analyze it
Go ahead and do the math
If you finally concretize it
And you think youve finally found the path
Dont be too disappointed
When you run it up the tree
The answers so clear
Even a blind man can see
Thats Just the Way It Is

Copyright 2005 - Robert Kramer Music Publishing Co. - ASCAP - All rights reserved.