1. I Burn For You

From the recording Live & Otherwise

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I Burn For You

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Recorded live at Fitzgeralds 2005
Robert Kramer - vocals
Greg Baroni - bass guitar
Peter Saxe - keyboards
Rick Vitek - drums
John Lewis - guitar
Val Leventhal - bgrd vocals
Becca Kaufman - announcer & bgrd voc.
Nanette Frank - bgrd voc.


"I Burn For You"

Its been a long & lonely time
Since you left me on my own
And every moment we're apart
My heart is hurting all alone
I'm confused and yet I'm sure
My love goes deep down to the bone

Every day and every night
You gotta know I Burn For You
Every day & every night
You gotta know I Burn For You
The way I miss your kisses
Im just beside myself
You gotta know I Burn For You

Noone could ever take your place
I think that Im a helpless case
I think that you could say that Im in love
If only we could steal the time
And just for love commit no crime
Theres noone we can blame
My heart is like a flame

Copyright 2005 - Robert Kramer Music Publishing Co. - ASCAP - All rights reserved