1. No Luck At All

From the recording Live & Otherwise

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No Luck At All

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Recorded live at Fitzgeralds 2005
Robert Kramer - vocals
Greg Baroni - bass guitar
Peter Saxe - keyboards
Rick Vitek - drums
John Lewis - guitar
Val Leventhal - bgrd vocals
Becca Kaufman - announcer & bgrd voc.
Nanette Frank - bgrd voc.


"No Luck At All"

Its kind of funny when you think about it
But its not humorous at all
Cos everytime I try to get back on my feet
I seem to always take the fall
Now I have had my share of bad luck
And I have had my share of pain
You'll never find me in Las Vegas
Or in love
I just cant roll those dice again

If it wasnt for bad luck, Id have
No luck at all
If it wasnt for bad luck, Id have
No luck at all

Last night my phone got disconnected
I could not call in sick for work
My boss told me my jobs affected
I called my boss a stupid jerk
So here I stand in unemployment
Unsure of how I'll make my bread
My life so far is not enjoyment
My pockets empty, and so's my bed

(Chorus Repeats)

Copyright 2005 - Robert Kramer Music Publishing Co. ASCAP - All rights reserved