From the recording Shadow Logic

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Robert Kramer - bass, keyboards, vocals

Recorded @ Harbor Lights Recording
Aurora, Illinois
Remix @ Skyblynde Studios, St Charles, Il.
Engineered by Gregory Hyde


“The Last Of You”

An empty bed,
And an empty heart,
Filled with you....

An empty room
And an empty smile
Colored blue...

Shattered in a million pieces
Shards of mirrored glass
Cut thru and thru
Oh, what to do?

Talk to me!
Your silence is much louder
Than any words, you ever said
Damn you, TALK TO ME!
Why did you go?
And leave me, an empty bed?
Oh, what to do?
Here lies The Last of You.

Dont haunt me anymore,
Dont make me pace across the floor
Dont send me silent memories
Dont make me ask, Im begging you please
Get me thru,
This part with
No more you.
What to do?
Cant you see,
Here lies The Last of me!
Talk to me......

copyright 2015 - Robert Kramer- ASCAP - all rights reserved - Administered by RKMPC (Robert Kramer Music Publishing Co)