From the recording Shadow Logic

Robert Kramer - bass, keyboards, vocals

Recorded @ Harbor Lights Recording
Aurora, Illinois
Remix @ Skyblynde Studios, St Charles, Il.
Engineered by Gregory Hyde


"The Human Element"

If we dont see another sunrise
If we don’t cry another tear
And if there’s never any laughter
That ever reaches to our ears
The we should stop and look around us
To see if someone’s standing there
And reach out to all around us
To help each other everywhere

Just like a ship our hearts are sailing
On this ocean deep and wide
And to this new land we are hailing
To discover treasures deep inside
And tho our sails are torn and tattered
And our faces cold and dry
Well, we will al see land together
If together we will try

It’s The Human Element, that sends us on our way
And with The Human Element, we’ll make a brand new day
And if we sometimes lose our heart, on that ocean deep and wide
The beams of loves’ our lighthouse
To guide us to land
And walk on the sand
Of a brand new shore

Now sometimes life will give us roses
And sometimes life will give us thorns
But let us walk forever forward
Thankful of the clothes that we have worn
God bless the teachers who have taught us
How very little we all know
And from that finally come to wisdom
The Human Element will grow.

(Copyright 2015 - Robert Kramer - ASCAP - All rights reserved - Administered by RKMPC Music Publishing Co.)