The Journey Of Purpose

A few words from robert kramer...

Just wanted to check in with fans, friends and loved ones for a re-connect.

As to my live music career, some of you may already know, that I am currently on what we cheekily refer to as a "local midwest tour",  with good friend & musician/entertainer John Guerrini, the other piano man I'm partnered with with the "crazy guys dueling piano act Double Treble".

I'm also, believe it or not, currently in rehearsals with "Ronnie B. Elvis and The Suspicious Minds". (there's a plot twist for fans...)

That said, I've decided to continue moving forward with a whole new collection of songs under the title "In Time".

It is me, taking yet another musical direction in my personal "journey of purpose" as a composer as well as a performer.  I am hoping for the new music to talk to whomever hears it, and feels something when they do.  I've come to understand that we all have "Journeys Of Purpose"..things we need to say and do. Ways we can touch others hearts and minds with more light and direction.

And if enough of us find unique and special ways to share our gifts and blessings with others, maybe, in time, the world will finally come together under one journey of purpose. Time to take new musical roads and explore..

I will be posting demo versions of a couple of the new tracks for anyones listening curiosity. See you at the next show!

Robert Kramer - April 3, 2019 12:04am